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    took a break to catch up to this SHOWW

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    Has this been done yet?

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    #me in class when i get the answer wrong

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    Happy 34th birthday, Angel Coulby! ♥ 

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    Okay, you know how hard it is to make those side characters in your writing? There is a website that allows you to create different random identities for all types of characters.

    This website literally generates an identity for a fictitious person and makes up…

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    The makers of The Stanley Parable received a brilliant/terrible response to the game, so they created a trailer specifically for that person. It’s called the Raphael trailer.

    I’ve only seen a little bit about The Stanley Parable, and where I was interested before I’m dying to play it now.

    if you’ve played The Stanley Parable (and even if you haven’t) i urge you to watch it. it’s worth it, trust me.

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    I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m busy cutting open Fruit Gushers and squeezing all of the goo into a glass so I can take a shot of it because that has always been a dream of mine and now that I’m an adult with a job, I finally have the means to make it a reality. Please leave your name and number after the beep. 

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    How Cecil thinks Carlos does science:image

    How Carlos actually does science:


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  9. [x]
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    Infamous 3rd year “My father will hear about this” Draco refusing to participate in Lupin’s class on boggarts because the whole thing is ridiculous but when it’s his turn he walks up to the wardrobe and Lucius Malfoy steps out


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